For the Love of Home Decor!

How did Ovella Designs begin? True, it mostly began as a return to my love of fine art and being obsessed with the hot trend of watercolor!

But what really motivates our brand is the home. Home decor, interior decorating and design - all of these is an art form! While I spent hours painting away, honing my brush strokes and hand-lettering skills, I knew I wanted my art to go beyond wall prints neatly framed in a room.

So I thought, what could be better than to combine my art skills with my love for home decor? And a dream was born!

While it's been quite the learning curve to apply fine art and digital design to textiles and natural materials, the process is intoxicating and exhilarating!

Accessories have always been a love of mine, and I truly believe that there is great decorative power to transform and personalize a space with small pieces of art.

So onwards I march, learning how to make tassles, painting endlessly, treating wood cookies, and who knows where this love and passion will take me!


- Ella